Patrol Survival Course August 30th-1st


This course will focus on;

  • Small unit tactics
  • Small unit leadership
  • Patrolling tactics and formations
  • Reacting to contact
  • Security Patrols and perimeter security
  • Team Reconnoissance
  • Bounding and crossing danger zones
  • Casualty Evacuation
  • Responding to various threats

The Patrol survival course is an advanced class and will require a level physical fitness. We will go late into the night on both Friday and Saturday night. Each student will stay in the training facility with the instructors Friday and Saturday night to do fire watch and nighttime missions.  NO LIVE AMMO FOR THIS COURSE!!!

For this course you will need;

  • AR15 style rifle (A2 birdcage recommended for blank firing device).
  • Body armor and plate carriers
  • chest rigs for ar15 style magazines
  • magazine pouches
  • combat belt and pistol
  • helmets (not required)
  • night vision or thermals (not required)
  • flashlights
  • personal bedding (required)
  • cots or personal sized air mattresses or pad (required)
  • snacks
  • food to cook onsite, think camping or backpacking. (no pork on readymade grill)
  • water (we will have bottled water but bring backup)

Freeze dried food packs will be available for purchase onsite (huge varieties)


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Patrol Survival Course August 30th-1st

Availability: 15 in stock